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Waving flags digital print

Fabric 110 g/m²* or 70g/m²*
Finishing Left side with flag tunnel, Right/Top/Bottom with double industrial seam
Printing Single-sided textile direct print - CMYK
Color Image Backside Almost identical
Fire Protection Class Flammable
Info about the Fabric



The standard fabric FlagTex 110 grams/m² has a strong color image on the front side. The color intensity, especially on the back side, may vary (color penetration 90-95%). This fabric type is ideal for flags up to 4x4 meters.



The premium fabric FlagTex 70 grams/m² has a strong color image on both the front and back sides. Here, there is a 99% match of the color image. The fabric has perfect waving properties, particularly beneficial for large flags. Also, the required effort is lower compared to the standard range.

Size Converter


The size of the item is displayed in meters. This converter is intended as an aid to orientation.

between 1m and 6m
between 1m and 7m
Assembly left 
Closing on the right 
Assembly above 
Assembly below 
Graphic check 
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